Francisco Uh May cabins 12 km deep into pristine
 jungle, fireplace with free firewood, full kitchen

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Quotes When I heard I was going to Mexico I was really excited about seeing the Jungle, I can honestly say that this bed and breakfast satisfied that desire to the fullest. There's nothing like waking up in the morning to raw Jungle and wildlife, while still having all the comforts of home (Fridge, Shower, Good food, etc.). Our guide was more than helpful and accommodating while taking us through caves and the Jungle. It's amazing to see what he's done with his land in just two years. Would definitely recommend this to anyone interested and would go again in a heartbeat. -Cam Quotes

Quotes This is a great place to stay off the beaten track! I spent two nights camping and would have spent more if I hadn't had a flight to catch the next day. The owners are very friendly and love to talk, in French, English, or Spanish! And there's a kitchen, shower, and flush toilets, all on a farm that the owners created from scratch, compete with Pat's homemade solar panels that provide the electricity and an underground river that provides a constant stream of fresh water. And plenty of wildlife - the second evening a huge toucan flew in and perched in a tree not ten meters distant! All included in the price - Cecilia even took me out to look for caves without asking anything extra. In short, they're a wonderful couple who love to share the world they've created, a refreshing break from the tour operators in Tulum who want to cheat you out of every centavo. I would recommend this place for anyone who wants to get away from it all, forget "jungle tours" and see the real jungle. Quotes
Loved it!