Jungle Oasis National Park Campground &Hiking
Mayan Cabins called Palapas, in lush jungle.

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Welcome to the official website for The Jungle Oasis situated in the jungle forest of Quintana Roo National Park, Mexico.

35 km from Tulum beach, 25 km from Coba, Yucatan. 
Coba was the main Mayan city in Pre Colombian era, with around 100 000 habitants. 
Our campground is in fact 6 km from a very old and still unexploited archeological site. Theses ruins are the houses and fields of the farmers and workers, away from Coba city center, with its temples and markets.

This campground, blueprint for a 100% self suficient , yet natural and organic modern village. It was started more than 4 years ago by me and my wife out of a virgin jungle.
 Its very successful in attracting hundreds of people from all over the world. and all class of life.

We are a growing fruit trees and veggies, chickens and now we have pigs.
We host tourists and also are open to volunteering programs where you can stay and eat  in exchange for work.

The place is 12 km from a small Mayan village following a hard packed road that is practicable by any small car.
Its about 30 minutes to drive to the main road in Francisco Uh May.

If you want to live a different experience, with all the quiet of nature, we dont have noise pollution, no engine or motor noises. Everything is Solar powered. We have 2 refrigerator, modern toilets so much about how to run a off the grid village, how the infrastructures work, how to grow different types of food, grow food for the animals like chickens and pigs, etc.

You can pick up Telcel cellular receptions and use your phone 3g high speed internet connection to stay in touch.

There are over 100 species of birds that has been seen and identified by 2 independent Birder.
Gardens filled with permaculture fruit orchard.

We also are building a village, with lots of all size available, electricity connection and water. 

  • Seasonal Pool 
  • Free Badminton court, equipment rentals

Photos taken right in our garden!

Make reservations on Whatsapp 

+52 984 119 7376

or email [email protected]

On site number for all info of how to get here or order a taxi: +52(984)125-7787

See wild monkeys, deers, possums, toucans, hummingbirds, wild pigs, dozens of wild animals.

Look for Jungle Oasis National Park Campground on google maps

Entrance thru Francisco Uh May Village only! Its called Camino Blanco and its past km 22 coming from Tulum. 

Turn left at the park and police station/casa ejidal and keep going straight for 6 km then you will get to a T intersection (its missing on the google satellite map picture).

At the T intersection, take a right turn and you will go another 6km straight. You will then see a parking lot on the right side. At night there is a white leds strip. Just come in and let us know you arrived. There is always somebody around.

Spend the night under the stars, see the Milky Way.

Free firewood for campfire and BBQ cooking.

For groups that desire privacy, choose your own quiet area for your campfire.

Look at the map for locating us (top left corner marker)

Jungle road entrance thru Francisco Uh May village only!

Go on youtube for video:


Tons of pictures on www.tripadvisor.com under quintana roo national park campground & hiking.

We are located right at the trailhead of a 8 km hiking trail that goes right across a unhabited jungle all the way to the Highway.

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Choose from our many different camping area from remote to close by to set up your own tents or use one of ours.

There is DIRECT bus service from ADO bus stations to Francisco Uh May Village. Then its a 12 km slow jungle road with no public bus. The ride from Tulum is about 1 hour and a 15 minutes, is very interesting once you enter the jungle. take out your camera and be ready to see wild green parrots, maybe a deer, a toucan, coati family crossing the road, etc.

You can get to Francisco Uh May from Tulum of Playa Del Carmen by bus and get a taxi pick up  for 25$ USD for 2, or motorcycle for one for 10$ USD.

Taxi Driver also available for pick ups in Tulum or other cities. call us if you need us to arrange a pick up.

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